Ballaro Market, Palermo, Italy (2018)

 In Tokens I present quiet details that have revealed to me the specificity of a way of life as I've traveled through villages and cities from the Mediterranean to Central Asia.  Sometimes poignant, sometimes surprising, sometimes mystifying, they all help me to better understand the enormous value of a material object in that everything from a plastic lawn chair to a Catholic saint's card can be replete with a worth and meaning far more potent than the unassuming contours of the object initially suggests.  This is my way of answering the question that presses any photograph taken by a wayward wanderer like myself:  How do others live?   What is important, to him or to her, high in the mountain passes or at the edge of the sea?  What is cherished; what is not?  What can be given extended or renewed life, from desire or need?  There are object, details, tokens that speak softly to these.  And they may be the aspect of my journey that resonate the most deeply within me.

Goshavank, Armenia (2018)

Village Park, Akhaltsikhe, Georgia (2018)

Area of Nomad Games, Kyrgyzstan (2018)

Courtyard, Solokai District, Tbilisi, Georgia (2018)

Mosque, Roadside, Kyrgyzstan (2018)

Bedroom, Makeshift Communal Home of Internally Displaced Persons, Abandoned Resort Spa, Tskaltubo, Georgia (2018)

Corniche, Tyre, Lebanon (2018)

Balykchy, Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan (2018)

Debed Canyon, Armenia (2018)

Abandoned Resort Spa, Tskaltubo, Georgia (2018)

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