Medusa's story in Ovid is hidden in a man's retelling over a banquet celebrating war.  How many of us know Medusa was a priestess of Athena?  How many know she was raped as Athena watched?  After the rape, Athena condemned her, transformed her, and threw her out.
Precious little is known of Leda.  Except that she was beautiful and Zeus tempted her with the soft plumage of a swan.  He subsequently raped her (you know the story), and she bore him two children: Polydeuces and Helen of Troy.  Why so swans invoke so much awe?  They are aggressive creatures.
Offerings of pomegranates must be treated with suspicion.  Remember what happened to Persephone.  Better is to walk down any long, lonesome road.
Fruit is the father of western misogyny.  And yet, it tastes delicious.  Maybe taste should forever be disassociated from sins.
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