Since 2002, I have pursued fine art photography, specializing in both digital and traditional mediums.  Intrigued by our inextinguishable human compulsion toward survival, I have explored themes of persistence.  Just as people and communities press on in the face of destruction wrought by history, ideology, or prejudicial bias, so, too, do the cultural ideas framing and the physical objects inhabiting our worlds.  Inspired and made curious by continuance, by reappearances, and by eruptions of history in the present, I bring a personalized order to these observations by framing them within an aesthetic language born of two decades spent in art historical studies, deploying surreptitiously the aesthetic codes of neoclassical ruin paintings and surrealist juxtapositions, among others.  I have shown in solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Oklahoma City, The Twin Cities, and across the Midwest and East Coast.  I currently put down shallow roots in New York City and Paris.
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